Hancock is over 3,000 years old. He is unable to remember anything prior to 1928 due to suffering a bout of amnesia. At the beginning of his story, Hancock does not care about his public image and he often causes more damage than he prevents while performing heroic acts. He is often drunk or hungover which results in the public he attempts to help distrusting and disliking him. After saving the life of public relations spokesman, Ray Embrey, Hancock works with Embrey in an attempt to repair his tarnished public image and eventually Ray helps Hancock to become a respected hero.

Hancock is currently located in New York.

Biography Edit

Hancock is a superhero like no other. He saves people but in the process causes millions of pounds' worth of damage. He is able to fly and has super-strength as one of his abilities, but because he drinks, this affects him in a big way. He is immortal but he can't remember what happened to him in the past - he can remember the last 80 years but nothing more.

After saving Ray, a man who vows to change the public's opinion of him, Hancock discovers that Ray's wife Mary is a superhero too. In fact, they are a 'pair' and spent 3,000 years together until Hancock got severely injured and Mary had to leave him. Whenever they are close to one another, they lose their powers and so Mary saved his life that day 80 years ago.

In the present day, they fight and Hancock ends up getting shot after tackling with some thieves. Bullets wouldn't normally affect him but because he is close to Mary again, they do. He ends up in the hospital and a trio of criminals arrive to attack him whilst he's injured. Hancock tries to fight back and manages to stop two of them; Mary gets shot in the process but thankfully, Ray manages to kill the last of the thieves. Mary is in such a bad way that Hancock knows he must get as far away from her as possible so she can get her superpowers back and heal.

Hancock currently resides in New York where he is successfully carrying out his duties as a superhero.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Superhuman Strength: Hancock possesses incredible superhuman strength. He was able to lift and throw a gray whale several hundreds of meters casually back into the ocean and used his nails to cut a metal disk, using it as a weapon to cut a criminal's hand off. His fight with Mary Embrey partially leveled a large city with no trouble while they were both weakened and they effortlessly destroyed buildings, threw buses, cars, and girders from buildings. Hancock's strength even allowed him to stop a locomotive dead in it's tracks just by standing and used a car as a shield while protecting a police officer from gunfire.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Hancock displays the ability to utilize his powers for long periods of time without tiring and seems to recover from intense expenditure of energy quickly.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Hancock's accelerated reflexes are far superior to even the most physically perfect human. When a criminal shot an RPG at him, he was able to easily hit the rocket out of the air with a swipe of his hand.
  • Invulnerability: Hancock is invulnerable to virtually every form of injury. He has withstood the impact of a large moving freight train and can easily handle hard landings after flight or from falls. His skin is impervious to bullets and he has withstood the blast from an RPG and the explosion of a car without being harmed. Hancock even fought Mary Embrey and was hit by buses and launched through buildings unharmed despite both of their powers getting drained by each other. He can also withstand hits from beings as powerful as himself, such as Mary Embrey. 
  • Flight: Hancock is able to fly at supersonic speeds and is capable of interplanetary flight as demonstrated by him leaving Ray's 'All-Heart' logo on the face of the Moon. He can possibly go faster than light, as he traveled to the moon, created a crater on it, painted a gigantic heart in it and came back before anyone noticed the change. However, on Earth, he can go at supersonic speeds, as demonstrated by him traveling from a far out jail in the desert to a city in a matter of seconds. He and Mary even crossed a large city in just a few seconds while weakened, fighting, and getting smashed into the ground and through buildings while not putting much effort in to fighting.
  • Weather Control: Hancock can control and summon high winds and tornadoes as displayed in the fight against Mary. Although it is never directly stated in the film, the director Peter Berg has clarified that is is in fact Hancock who is summoning the tornadoes and Mary is summoning the lightning.
  • Regeneration: Hancock is capable of accelerated healing which enables him to recover from injuries at an accelerated rate. He describes recovering from the head injuries which resulted in his amnesia in a few hours to the amazement of the doctors treating him. The healing process is reduced the more time is spent in close proximity to Mary but the healing ability is reactivated when separated from Mary resulting in wounds, scars, and other physical trauma healing and the reversal of any aging. He still retains scars from multiple times he has protected Mary throughout time, all when he was mortal.

Weaknesses Edit

Because of his invulnerability, Hancock possesses very little in the way of actually weaknesses. He displays a lack of responsibility, arrogance and a lack of awareness of the possible tragic consequences of his neglectful actions. He also displays a volatile temper which often leads to dangerous, impulsive, and even brutal acts.

He is also as susceptible to the effects of alcohol as a normal person would be.

Prolonged time spent in proximity to Mary Embrey results in the deterioration of his powers reducing him to mortal levels of vulnerability. Being in her immediate presence causes both of them to become mortals, though they still possess their powers for days before they start to lose them, seemingly due to Hancock not always being in Mary's immediate presence. Being around her for too long and repeatedly being with her caused them to lose their powers even when they were not near each other. When reduced, they are vulnerable to all the weaknesses that afflict a normal human, despite retaining enough of his superhuman strength and resilience to kill several humans with his strength before any injuries could truly weaken him or cause him to collapse. If he leaves Mary's immediate presence, he quickly regains his full range of powers.